IMAX Remix ’12

Mobile Invitation Portal

October 14, 2012

IMAX Remix 2012 was a private party launched during ComCon 2012 in San Diego. The goal of the party was to show the newest IMAX technology to the elite of ComCon + the first sneak peak of the highly-anticipated new 007 movie SkyFall.

After receiving the A-listers email list, we compiled an invite system built for mobile use. After the email invites were sent out, users could login with their given code, enter their data, select the date/time they wanted and access a pickup time if needed. Finally, the day of the party we sent out confirmations so users could use their phones to get in. (No need to print out an entry ticket)

So, how did it go? The 1,000 seat guest list was filled within one week of the email going out and was completely booked for the party. From the pictures of the event, it looks like they had a great time. Wish we lived in San Diego to partake in the event.