Marketing for the oh-so fashionable

October 15, 2012

Modbod is a shabby-chic women’s clothing company based in Springvile, Utah. In a few short years Modbod has grown from a local favorite to a major player in the fashion industry and has established a presence not only online, but in boutiques throughout the country, retail locations in Utah and in the wholesaler of all wholesalers, Costco.
When Modbod decided it was time to refresh their branding they came to EIGHT01. We stuck with the lotus flower as the theme, but changed the color scheme to brighten up the logo. With the new logo in place we were commissioned to create all of the accompanying branding material including; packaging, mail and email campaigns, billboards, stationery, displays for COSTCO, and a refresh to the existing website that we will be redesigning down the road.