Some say services,

We say results.

Where does your brand stand in the consumer’s mind? Do they know what you do or even know you exist? Whether you’re looking for a brand refresh or complete brand creation, EIGHT01 can help. We will do the research, provide the feedback and ultimately create a brand that is strong, detailed, and most importantly memorable.
Let’s face it, if you dont have a strong online presence, you’re suffering. If you are looking for help and don’t know where to start you’re in the right spot. EIGHT01 specializes in WordPress, Drupal and CSS-based websites. So whether you need a basic website to let your customers know you exist, or a fully-custom, back-end database-driven ecommerce site to track and monitor how much money you are raking in; we’re here for you.
App Design
Whether you want to play a game, turn your phone into a toolbox or schedule surgery, it has been said that there’s an app for that! And EIGHT01 can create one for you too. We have experience with both iOS and Android operating systems, so if you have a great idea or need an app for your customers or employees to use let us help bring it to life (electronically speaking).
Who is your target market? What can you offer them the competitor cannot and how should you promote your product? It’s a business eat business world out there and only the strong will survive. EIGHT01 can help! We will closely analyze your business with you and find out where you are now, where you want to be, and most importantly; how to get there.